ROGER GOULDEN ASSOCIATES is a team of very senior and highly qualified dental practitioners who have all undergone training as expert witnesses.  All have considerable experience in providing expert witness services at all stages of proceedings and all are fully familiar with their obligations to the court.

In addition to their training as expert witnesses all the associates have joint and individual expertise in all aspects relating to dentistry. Reports from the Associates are all subject to routine peer review scrutiny with CPD credits relating to medico-legal practice being awarded for the review meetings.

The team can provide expert evidence in respect of the following disciplines:


Preventive Dentistry
Conservative Dentistry
Restorative dentistry
Prosthetic Dentistry
Paediatric Dentistry
Dental Implants
Dental crowns and bridges
Cosmetic Dentistry
Oral surgery
Maxillo-facial surgery
Dental Sedation
Dental Anxiety
Bleaching and tooth whitening
Botox and facial aesthetics
All aspects of NHS dental practice
All aspects of NHS regulations and the
NHS Business Service Authority

Personal Dental Injury
Personal Dental Injury Causes
Road Traffic Accidents (Personal Injury)
Falling/Tripping/Slipping Dental Injuries and Accidents
Injuries to the teeth from biting accidents
Hazards (Personal Injury Causes)
Criminal Assault/Cica Claims
Medical/dental Health Care Management
Medical/dental Records
Dental Practice Disputes
Dental Legal/Ethical Issues
Dental/Medical Ethics (Disciplinary Matters)
Dental/Medical Competence/Negligence

Roger Goulden Associates has practitioners qualified in Forensic Odontology who are able to advise on the following criminal and civil matters:

Bite mark analysis
Identification or elimination of suspected perpetrators of bite marks
Identification of foreign body injuries to the skin
Post mortem identification of individuals
Age estimation by reference to the teeth

Forensic analysis of clinical dental records, National Health Service and Private